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Hello there,

My name is Rejoy Radhakrishnan. I am from the beautiful state of Kerala, India but residing in UAE . I have been working for last 15 years and this blog is the reflection of my experience and my thought process.

I studied Hotel Management but realized that it is not my cup of tea and soon moved into support services. Learned to tackle American and British customers, supporting their computers. laptops and many other gadgets.(frank to say American are easier to handle than Britishers. No offence Please!)

Soon moved into various other roles which include people Management , migrations and Quality. After 7 years of work got sick with the monotonous roles, decided shift to a completely different role as a sales professional in a new country.

This was a major challenge which I have taken in my life.Very difficult to do sales if you don’t have any idea about the market. Specially if you are working a in country where sales happens through references.

I paved own path by using technology as my friend. I think I may be the first among other sales people in this region who must have used online tools to generate leads. In last 5 years 90% of my sales leads are through online tools like LinkedIn, Quora etc…

My 15 years of past experience made me think that I should share the best practices through a Blog and that thought made me think about work-tips.com.

My Goal is to add value to your world by giving you ideas and tools that you can immediately use to improve your life and career.