I joined LinkedIn in the summer of 2009. The reason is rather simple because social media platforms were getting famous in India. Facebook was taking over our favorite Orkut, Then I was introduced to LinkedIn which looked professional.

I was always interested to know about people’s professional life than personal. So I was more inclined towards LinkedIn than Facebook.

I was a normal user with 1000 connections however my career transition to sales, made LinkedIn my most important BUDDY, from 2014 onwards, I have been spending on an average of 3 -4 hours every day on LinkedIn and 90% of my sales happening through LinkedIn.

When I compare LinkedIn with any other social platform I feel it as more established and less cumbersome. I understand all social platforms have there owned objective and we cant do an apple to apple comparison between them.

Nevertheless, I still believe LinkedIn is better than any other platform.

1. LinkedIn is where people want you to connect with them

So If you decide to go forward with LinkedIn, What type of people you find there?

Let me explain this by quoting an example. There is a difference between you going to a party and going to a networking event. You usually don’t go for a party if you don’t know the crowd (I am not sure about others but I don’t go for an uninvited party and I am making an assumption that majority won’t)

On the other hand, you visit a networking event without knowing any of them and you end up making enough connections which may remain till the end if you nurture them properly.

So LinkedIn is your virtual Networking platform where you can make a connection even if you don’t know them personally.

If you reach out to professionals on LinkedIn, you won’t come across as a spammer or a stalker. You’ll just look like someone who wants to build their network.

2. LinkedIn is not all about Professional Business

A lot would think that LinkedIn is all about the Suit and Tied Mold but that’s not true.

For Example: You may be a small time business owner running a nursery. So you might be wondering, could LinkedIn still work for you?

Yes, It will work for you.

The reason is there are a lot of groups in LinkedIn for every sector. See below example

And the reason is that there are groups for everything, and those groups can be an excellent approach into your new community of followers.

On the other hand, Facebook also has groups but the difference is you won’t find the Fan page group on LinkedIn. You’ll only find collections of professionals in those fields – which means they’re also influencers in your target area.

They are not a liker of your page rather they are people who lead the movement.

You are connecting to professionals in your field, not followers.

3. LinkedIn is JUST no place to post your resume

10 Years back LinkedIn was a place to post your resume and network with your potential employer. Back in 2015 they added blog option and now more than 100,000 blogs are getting published.

In 2017 they added video streaming and became a full-fledged Social Media Platform.

Now Now they have added advance group activity option anticipating an industry-wide shift by social users to more intimate, member-only spaces.

The best feature which I like about LinkedIn is the integration of LinkedIn with automation tools like Skrapp, Phantumbuster.

How to Automate your LinkedIn Activities?

It has to work for me and it will work for you.

At the end of the day, I focus all my social media efforts on LinkedIn because it is the perfect and true fit for me.

The connection I am looking for is all available, I generate leads from there and the type of engagement I am looking is there.

At last but not least, if you are still looking to built followers then I suggest you do that on LinkedIn. For the most, it is the most credible site and you get trustworthy connections.

There’s a whole community of great leaders who are waiting to join them.

About the Author

Rejoy Radhakrishnan is a sales & marketing professional. He loves to geek out writing about topics related to professional life. He loves to combine technology into working life and be a smart employees.When he finds the time to detach from his keyboard, he enjoys fiction and spending time with his daughter. Reach out to him on LinkedIn

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