Is that possible to find a job during these challenging time? This is a million-dollar question which is hungering around many people’s mind. Speaking realistically, yes it is tough to find a job during this pandemic, when daily numbers of lay-off are going up.

The statistics

To get some perspective of the job loss during Covid-19, as per latest data, approximately 3.8 million Americans lost their job and have applied for unemployment benefits.

But it’s not all bad news.

Do you know some of the companies are at their best because of corona Virus while some are laying off employees? That applies to job opportunity too.

While some positions and businesses are indeed suffering, there are also many companies hiring right now.

Sectors like Government customer service department, Healthcare, Food industry are all doing good and are still hiring in large numbers.

So It is important to do an effective search online for jobs by focusing on sectors and matching your expertise with their requirement.

Right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the global impact on hiring, but there are ways you can stay positive and proactive about job searching during this unrestrained time.

Here are the  6 steps to finding a job during Coronavirus pandemic.

1. Re-energize your Network

The best ways to find a job is through Networking. Reconnect with your connections on platforms like LinkedIn and find out if there is an opportunity for you.

They may not have any openings immediately but they may consider you for any opportunity which comes along their way.

Since they’re in the industry, they may hear about other jobs through their network and they can recommend you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to former colleagues and bosses if you see openings at their companies. They’re more likely to hire you than the competition because they know your skills and work ethics.   

So continue Networking

2. Polish your resume

Make sure your resume is up to date.

It is important to understand that your resume is not one-size-fits-all. Tailor the resume to match the job posting.

Preferably if you are applying for 100 jobs then you should have 100 different resumes matching the specific job description.

I understand that this is going to be a tedious job but let’s not forget that we are passing through a challenging time and every activity will be tiresome.

You can take help of online portals like Job scan which can help you match your resume with the specific job description and reduce your workload.

3. Get ready for Video Interview

Hiring process is going to be different. Most of the interviews are going to be on call or Video. It is going to be a different ball game compared to a physical interview.

How do you prepare for that?

You’ll stand out if you learn the peculiarities of phone and video job interviews. Please visit Monster for exclusive tips and tricks of attending Video and phone job interview.

4. Show that you are transferable

There is so much competition prevailing, so it’s important to up your game right now. It is very important to be flexible during this period.

You may not find a job of your choice but may find something which can match your skills. So prepare the resume in such a manner that the employer should feel that you are transferable with wider options.

5. Sharpen your tools

Your job hunt should also include time to sharpen your skills. If you lack the skill for your dream job then learn that skill and make yourself an ideal candidate.

No skill is wasted. Either enhance your existing knowledge or learn a new skill which may help you find a different option. For Example, Learn skills like Photoshop, Web designing, Digital Marketing which can help you find at least part-time assignments if not full time.

Additionally, Utilise online platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, Simplilearn, they all have the largest selection of online courses, with more than 100,000 video courses and new additions published every month

6. Patience is a Virtue

At last not least, have patience, as companies are still hiring, the interview process is taking longer than usual.

If you do apply for a position and don’t hear back from them, don’t panic. Wait for few weeks and continue to follow-up via email with the hiring manager.

Summary: 6 steps to getting a job during Corona-virus pandemic

To summarize hiring is slowing down but, in many cases, hasn’t come to a crunching halt. There are still jobs out there. Be patient, determined, and flexible.

Just because some companies aren’t hiring now or have laid off employees doesn’t mean they won’t be recruiting in the future. By following these strategies, when they do start looking for top talent, you’ll be ready.

About the Author

Rejoy Radhakrishnan is a sales & marketing professional. He loves to geek out writing about topics related to professional life. He loves to combine technology into working life and be a smart employees.When he finds the time to detach from his keyboard, he enjoys fiction and spending time with his daughter. Reach out to him on LinkedIn


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