“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

Augusta F. Kantra

Due to COVID -19 work from home is the new phenomena which is inevitable. Whether you want to become a freelancer or work from home for your employer, maintaining your productivity is essential.

Working from home is not easy as we think.

With a lot of distraction waiting for you, it is difficult to maintain the focus.

Furthermore, I speak from my experience of working from home, It is very difficult to get away from distractions and temptations of different kinds.

Hope you understand what I am talking about. Going out, Netflix, playing with your kid etc..

and the worst of all of them is

the “FOOD”

But while it may be difficult to maintain your focus when working from home, there are few interesting tips and tricks to help you to be productive. I am going to walk you through the top 6 of them.

1. Preparing a work schedule

First and foremost thing to have when you are working from home is a work schedule. With a clear understanding of the start and end time, all other strategies will fit in automatically.

It is very important to make your family and friends understand that working from home is same as working from the office so that they don’t bother you unnecessarily.

If you are distracted for any reasons like food delivery or visitors it’s perfectly fine to take care of it. But realize that you are at work and return to work immediately.

Don’t entertain relatives and neighbors during your working hours.

Leave the TV off and keep your phone on DND.

Ensure to schedule enough breaks for yourself to keep your mind and body sharp.

2. Organize your work

It is important to plan your week when you are working from home.

If your week starts on Monday, then plan the week on Sunday and give more emphasis for Monday because a fruitful Monday will guide the rest of your week.

Set clear goals for the week and break it down to morning, post-lunch and evening session.

Additionally, schedule the working hours based own your choice so that you are maximum productive. Many of them may not have this option as they need to stick to a strict schedule.

Technology also can help you to schedule the work. Apps like Microsoft to do can help you organize your work.

3. Practice Browsing discipline

An important step to consider while working from home is to stop wasting time on browsing until and unless it is important for the task what you do.

Overload of information from Popups, advertisements can deviate the actual purpose of opening the website. To an extent, you can avoid this by adding Ad blockers.

Additionally, it is very important to be disciplined and have a professional approach and detach from all deviation, and focus on your work..

Even if you are distracted to open any article, just bookmark them and read them later. I used to get distracted a lot and get deviated from the actual topic and then I started using  the Pocket app which helps me to tag all the articles and help me to go through them later.

If you still get distracted then take help of the technology and add apps like StayFocused on your chrome which can help you get away from distraction.

4. Check your resources

How about not having sufficient or decent resources while working from home. It is going to be a disaster. For example, if your internet speed is slow then it is going to be difficult to collaborate with your team members.

So ensure you have a good connection.

For work from home employees, it’s important to make sure your computer has enough resources like RAM, HDD space to ensure continuous work.

So make sure that your system administrator or IT department makes necessary arrangements to fulfill this requirement.

5.Stay in contact

When you are away from the office it is very important to be in touch with your co-workers.

You can bring your human element to work even if you can’t go into the office. How? By staying in contact.

Since you are away from the office there is always a tendency to have disconnect with your team, so it is important to have more jamming sessions with your team.

Staying in contact is much easier with apps like Slack, Microsoft teams, Basecamp

6. The Requirement for a real workspace

At last but not least you must have a dedicated space to work in.

Sitting cross-legged on a couch with a cup of Cappuccino looks very catchy and photographic, yet in real life, it doesn’t accommodate very well with working from home.

However, the reality is, your posture and your environment contribute to your mental state. For example, if you work the way you watch TV then it will reflect on your productivity.

Therefore make a place for work, it can be your kitchen table, side table or a separate room, and make sure your work is confined to that space. This allows you to “flip the switch” in your mind and put you in the mood for work.

Make sure your workspace is comfortable, Well Lit and free from any disturbances.

Summary: Smart tips to improve productivity for work from home employees.

Following these tips can give you a guideline to improve your work from home experience. Considering the current challenging times, shifting to a regular working mode looks feeble and many companies may even think to make this a permanent solution.

So to make remote work more rewarding you need to treat it like the business or job it is.

Keep in mind that remote work is paying you the same as your regular job so we need to get productive, creative, and enjoy the rewards of working remotely.

Now let us hear from you! Have you got tips for working remotely?

Help your fellow employees by sharing your favorite remote productivity hacks below!

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